Embedded Composer

Imagine a console application shipped as a phar. If it is desired for the application to be extensible based on which directory it is in (say one set of plugins should be used in one directory but an entirely different set of plugins used in another directory) one cannot simply define a composer.json in both directories and run composer install.

Why not? Because the application shipped with a specific set of dependencies. Composer cannot add more dependencies without running the risk of introducing conflicts. The answer is to embed Composer into the application so that Composer can merge the dependencies already installed for the application with the dependencies defined in a specific directory's composer.json.

The end result is a set of dependencies that satisfy the directory specific requirements while taking into account the dependencies already installed for the console application.

While this is required for a phar distributed application this technique can be applied to any globally installed application that needs to be runtime extensible.

This project is aimed at enabling developers to embed Composer into another application and alleviate the problems laid out here.

Used extensively by Sculpin.

Dragonfly Development is responsible for creating and maintaining this project.