Rapid workflow for project maintainers and contributors.

Gush is the brainchild of a friend of ours by the name of Luis Cordova. Check out his blog, Craft It Online!

Luis is often working with us on expanding our collective knowledge base and providing high quality tools for the open source community.

Our primary contribution to Gush was in helping to shape the core branding for the project. Originally called "Manager Tools," we helped drill down into the overall idea of the project and what Luis wanted to reflect.

We started by thinking about what the product did and why people would want to use it. After a few discussions with Luis it became clear that this was all about helping to manage the workflow for both maintainers and users of open source projects.

We ended up suggesting several names but "Gush" really stood out. The name had urgency and speed connotations with it while still relating to "flow." It was also super short and approachable. Wins all around.

From this we expanded on the existing ideas for a tagline and ended up with "Rapid workflow for project maintainers and contributors."

In the end, Luis loved it and that made us very, very happy!

Luis also asked us to help create the foundation for as a Sculpin site. While you won't see us touting our raw design talent, we were able to help out to ensure that Gush could get its online presence and its branding out in time for a major PHP conference.

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